Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jillian Michaels' Hard Body DVD Review

Jillian Michaels has done it again with Hard Body.  This workout is super.  I really see a difference in the shape of my body and I am getting a hard body!  Collage Video was nice enough to send me this dvd to review.  They have a tremendous selection of workout dvds and they have great user reviews as well as a certified instructor description.  I really like to purchase from Collage Video because they are really nice and helpful and the customer service is wonderful too!

This dvd has two aerobics/toning interval workouts that use a variety of multi-muscle exercises.  I was challenged throughout both workouts.  There is a non-stop series of changing combos.  Every thirty seconds you have a new routine.  The cardio is mostly high impact with moves like her flying jacks and half-turn squat jumps.  The toning is equally tough, exercises like pivot lunges and lateral moving push-ups.  Both programs have different moves but they are similarly formatted.  You’ll do six aerobics and toning circuits.  Then you’ll repeat the series a second time.  You will need a set of dumbbells. 

You will be drenched in sweat and breathing heavy and feeling energized when you finish one of these workouts.  I have it in my rotation and will continue using these workouts in the future.  I love Jillian, she is motivational and encourages me to push myself further than I think I can go.  I have come to realize that I am able to accomplish more physically than I think I can.