Friday, May 17, 2013

Dynamic Yoga: Elements of Yoga: Fire with Tara Lee Review

Dynamic Yoga: Elements of Yoga: Fire with Tara Lee Review

This dynamic practice was designed to build heat and strength in the body while cleansing and purifying the mind, body and spirit.  The fire element lies at the center of our being so this DVD has been created to strengthen the core as well as give you a strong, fluid practice that will eliminate toxins.

Connecting to the fire element will help you burn up unwanted emotional issues and detoxify the body.

The DVD is divided into three 20-40 minute sequences which can be played in succession or individually.  In addition, there are 4 bonus features:
10 minute balancing series
10 minute core workout
10 minute breathing exercise
5 minute relaxation.

Here is a link to one of the 10 minute extras from the DVD :

Fire is the final title in Tara Lee's elements of yoga series.

"Tara introduced me to the wonderful world of yoga 10 years ago... I couldn't even touch my toes! I've been hooked ever since. Like every woman, sometimes it's hard to steal, even, thirty minutes for myself, I'm constantly traveling and juggling schedules. But with her yoga DVD even I can find some 'me time', to focus my mind, reset my body and just breathe!" Cat Deeley

I really enjoyed this dvd.  I am not really that big of a yoga fan but Tara Lee makes me want to be better so I try.  Each time I do a workout from this DVD I feel as though I am stronger and more flexible than I was the last time I did it.  I really like the extra core workout and the balancing series.   It's hard for me to do the breathing exercise for 10 minutes but it is good for the soul.  I just have a hard time relaxing and letting go.  I plan to incorporate this dvd into my schedule and continue doing it regularly.

You can connect with Tara on facebook and youtube.