Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Lost 84 Pounds in 40 Weeks on Nutrisystem #NSNation

I apologize for this weekly post being late.  I went to the Doctor on Monday for my annual physical and found out that I have high blood pressure.  This is super scary to me and I have been consumed by it since I found out.  I was told to go home and check periodically for a week and record the readings.  After two days of doing that I called to doctor's office and went back in.  Yesterday they put me on medication.  After discussing my eating habits and level of physical activity we came to the conclusion that it must be genetic.  

Monday was my official weigh in day for week 40s completion and I was down another pound for a total of 84 pounds lost since I began using Nutrisystem.  I can only imagine how bad my health would be now if I still weighed what I did when I began the program.  This weight loss has had an awesome impact on my health.  This blood pressure would have shown up eventually anyway and I feel like I may have been in denial about it up until this point.

I have been blessed with good health and have only had to go to the doctor once a year up until now.  When I would go in the past the first blood pressure reading would be high and then once I relaxed they would check it again and it would be in a more normal range.  I would always make excuses for it like being nervous because I am at the doctors office.  It's time that I address this issue and work on it so that I can continue the rest of my life healthy.

Nutrisystem is amazing and I am so glad that I don't have to feel embarrassed that I caused this blood pressure problem by being overweight.  I am so close to a normal weight now that I know it's genetic and not due to my own actions or lack thereof.  I workout on a daily basis and eat sensibly.  Please consider starting Nutrisystem now if you are ready to lose weight and feel amazing.

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FTC Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their program to me at no charge in exchange for my participation in the program and review of the program.   The opinions expressed are my own.