Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 18 I Lost 2 More Pounds #NSNation Nutrisystem

Week 18 is complete and I have lost 2 more pounds.  I am down a total of 42 pounds since I started this weight loss journey.  I am so completely happy with myself.  I knew I could do it and I am getting it done.  Nutrisystem makes this easy for me.  Everything is perfectly portioned for weight loss and it works.  I look forward to each meal.

Nutrisystem has these protein shakes that are low in calories and fat but high in protein.  My favorite is the coffee flavored shake.  I love to have it with a muffin for breakfast.  When I have a protein shake and a muffin I really do not feel like I am depriving myself.  I feel satisfied and I sort of feel like I am cheating but I'm not it's part of the plan.  I am doing what I am supposed to do to lose weight and feel great.

Refreshing Coffee Protein Shake Mix-7pk
Get a jolt of java with these 7 packets of our Refreshing Coffee Shake Mix! Its rich and creamy coffee taste will fill your need for something sweet and delicious, while its 15 grams of protein are sure to keep you feeling satisfied.

Blueberry Muffin
This classic, golden-topped muffin is wonderfully sweet and chock-full of the flavor of plump, wild blueberries. Perfect for breakfast on-the-run you can enjoy this right out of the package, or for a more leisurely meal, enjoy it with your favorite coffee or tea.

So you can see I am really enjoying my new lifestyle.  I love how I am consistently losing weight.  Every day is a new chance to get healthier and I am really enjoying each day.  Nutrisystem rocks.  I love that they have chosen me to be a blogger for them and that I am changing my life.  I feel so extremely happy.  This is the beginning of a wonderful new healthy lifestyle for me and I love it!

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FTC Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing their program to me at no charge in exchange for my participation in the program and review of the program.   The opinions expressed are my own.