Monday, March 26, 2012

Konvine - G.I. Jane Roll-Ups with Skull Review

I received a pair of Konvine G.I. Jane Roll-Ups with Skulls on them to review.  Let me just say these are adorable.  I keep them in my purse and when I need some comfy shoes I just pull them out and put them on.  They are so cute and comfortable.  I had been hearing about these through other bloggers and I was lucky enough to have the chance to try them for myself. 

Aren't those fabulous?  You really should get a pair or two and keep them in your handbag for those days when your heels get to hurting your feet.  I really do recommend these.  You really can't get a cuter pair of roll-up shoes.  The whole idea of roll-up shoes rocks.  And these are so cute!