Friday, September 12, 2014

Martial Fusion Kickboxing CardioBurn DVD Review

Fourth degree Aikido black belt Sensei Guillermo Gomez packs about an hour of cardio, strength and flexibility into his new Martial Fusion Cardio Blast Workout DVD.  There is no need to waste an hour on the treadmill when kickboxing burns more calories, tones the abs from all angles and keeps your mind engaged too.  It is geared to leave the user both relaxed and energized all at the same time.  This fast paced, easy to follow kickboxing routine blasts calories while toning and slimming the whole body.  It can be purchased at

This workout thoroughly covers kickboxing's foundation moves (the basic kicks and punches) and puts various combinations together so that the intensity varies throughout this fast paced hour.  The workout is filmed completely in English and has a little extra Spanish flavor to add spice.  Participants are one on one with Gomez in a boxing ring setting.  You do not need any equipment.

According to Gomez martial arts helps us to reach for higher grounds.  One of the main principles of Aikido is to learn how to flow.  His workouts are intended to let the user feel what it is to have that sense of flow and connection with what is right for you.  Not only does it get you through the workout, it can change your approach to everything.  While we are moving our bodies with kickboxing, we are also engaging our mind and our spirit.  We become more open to finding new ideas and energies that might be more natural for us.