Monday, December 3, 2012

Valomilk Review

Valomilks were first created in 1931 when a candymaker at Sifers, then located in Kansas City, added too much vanilla extract to a batch of marshmallows, which never set up. The semi-liquid mixture proved to be a tasty filling for one-ounce milk-chocolate cups, the kind traditionally filled with peanut butter.  The name Valomilk represents the three ingredients: vanilla, marshmallow, and milk chocolate.  The fifth generation of the Sifers family still uses the original family recipe along with much of the original equipment. Valomilks are currently the only candy still made by the Sifers company, which discontinued its general product lines in the 1950s.


I was lucky enough to receive a whole box of 24 to sample.  I had one as soon as I opened the box and immediately I knew that I had found a new favorite.  These are delicious.  I am so happy to have discovered these.  I shared with friends, family and co-workers.  Everyone enjoyed their Valomilk.  I got rave reviews from each and every person who was lucky enough to get one.  They were gone within a matter of minutes.  No one could resist the simple goodness that is the Valomilk.  I urge you to try these as soon as possible you too will be hooked.

All Natural Ingredients

When we decided to bring VALOMILKS back, my dad charged me with: “If you are going to make VALOMILKS again, make them the best you know how and don’t worry about the cost.” I took my dad’s dying words to heart.
We use only the finest all natural ingredients; cost is not a consideration. Our pure milk chocolate is made right here in Kansas City from our 1931 recipe. The refining rollers are set to the finest point to produce a particle size of only .0006 of an inch, then we use a forty-eight hour conch (mixing) time. The results are a very fine, smooth European style chocolate. Our cocoa beans and cocoa butter come from the Ivory Coast of Africa which historically produces the finest beans. We use only pure vanilla in our chocolate, not artificial vanillin like many others do. Finally our chocolate is hand tempered (a lost art by most companies) to make it just right. All this takes extra time and expense to make our chocolate, but then we are making it “the best we know how.”

Our “Creamy Flowing  Center” is made from fresh corn syrup, pure cane sugar, distilled water, pan dried (hand made) egg whites, pure Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and a touch of salt.  Nothing artificial. No additives. No preservatives. This is carefully cooked, cooled and whipped one batch at a time, just the way we did it in 1931. Our recipe has been passed down from generation to generation so you can enjoy our truly old fashioned VALOMILK Candy Cups.

Allergen notice: Our pure milk chocolate has whole milk solids and soy lecithin.  Our “Creamy Flowing Center” has egg whites.  Every year we make peanut brittle to give out at Christmas to family and friends.  We make our peanut brittle in the same rooms that we make our VALOMILKS but not on the same equipment or at the same time.