Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tips For Helping to Keep Your Family Cold and Flu-Free

It's that time of year again.  Flu season.  I have come up with some tips to keep your family cold and flu-free during the cooler seasons.  I know it's no fun when someone in my house gets sick.  So I have done some research and compiled a list of things that I do to help my family stay cold and flu free year round.

1.  Wash Hands - this is important.  It's imperative to wash before eating, after using the restroom and after being outside. The correct way to wash your hands is to use soap and warm water for 20 seconds. This is the recommended amount of time to get your hands clean. Also you need to dry your hands with a clean, fresh towel.

2. Cough or Sneeze Into Your Elbow - You may not know this but one sneeze can spray up to 3,000 infectious droplets into the air at more than 100 MPH.  So if you have to sneeze and don't have a tissue handy, sneeze into the inner-part of your sleeve at the elbow.  This is an easy way that you can help reduce the fast spread of germs.

3.  Throw Away Used Tissues - Another easy one.  Just make sure that once you do get that cold out of your nose that you throw it away and wash your hands.  Toss out your used tissue immediately after use. It just makes sense to get those germs out of your way as soon as you can.

4.  Exercise and Stay Active -  Everyday you should do something active like running, walking, cycling, or swimming for at least 30 minutes.  This isn't just to keep you looking good, it's to keep your body strong and your immune system operating in it's peak condition.

5.  Stay Home When You Are Sick - When you are sick if you go to work you will get everyone else sick as well.  With this in mind you should also keep kids home when they've come down with the cold or flu to prevent the spread of the virus to others. 

6.  Stay Hydrated - Drink plenty of fluids, mainly water every day.  Our bodies are mostly water and the ongoing intake of water is essential to our every bodily function.  This is a proven way to strengthen your immune system and it will also help you to flush your body clean.  

This is just a short list of ideas to prevent your family from getting the flu or a cold with the cooler weather moving in.  It's beginning to feel a lot like fall and we are hoping that we make it through the fall and winter without any sicknesses.  I know that may be a bit unrealistic but we will do what we can to make it so.  I hope that you find these tips helpful and use them to keep your family cold and flu free this year and every year.

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