Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Found a Meatloaf Pan!

I have just learned how to make a mean meatloaf.  So I had to find a good meatloaf pan to make my meatloaf in.  I searched and found the perfect meatloaf pan at the Rachael Ray Store.  It is just under $20 and it's going to be amazing once it arrives.  I can't wait to use it.  I have ground beef and the other ingredients ready for the arrival of my new meatloaf pan.
Doesn't that look nice?  I really am excited about this Rachael Ray Oven Lovin' 2-pc. Meatloaf Pan Set. I will use it the day that I get it.  I can't wait to see my family's reaction when they taste the greatness that this pan helps me produce.  Here's some information about the pan from the website.

Product Description:

Rachael Ray's approach to bakeware...with a creative twist that's all Rachael!

  • Extra wide handles for a confident grasp, even with bulky potholders
  • Comfortable silicone grips add a splash of color
  • Long lasting nonstick inside and out, perfect for all of your baking needs
  • Dishwasher suitable and oven safe to 500F

A portion of the proceeds from this purchase will be donated to Rachael Ray's charity, Yum-o!, which was created to empower kids and their families to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking.

Product Characteristics:

Cleaning & Care : Dishwasher Safe
Dimensions : 12.5x6.5x4-in.
Size/Capacity : 2-pc.
Weight : 1.7-lb.