Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Phil Am Merchandising, Inc Review

Phil Am Merchandising, Inc sent me a few items to review. 

The first one is the Red Label Creamy Butter Cookies
I really enjoyed these cookies.  They were great with coffee or with milk.  They are sweet but not too sweet.  I really enjoyed these butter cookies.

Next I tried the La Pacita Butter Cookies Can 17.64oz.  These are really good too.  I actually liked these better with milk.  They are a great dessert.  Light and delicious.  Not real heavy. 

Then I tried the Lucia Assorted Pastries 13.12oz.  I haven't ever had anything like this before.  I was quite amazed with how good these are.  They are really fancy candies.  I loved every one of these.  They are amazing. 

Phil Am Merchandising, Inc was a thrill to work with.  They sent me these items as promised in a timely manner.  They were packed nicely and arrived in a good condition.  I would reccommend the company to anyone interested in these wonderful Filipino foods.