Sunday, May 1, 2011

Purex Zout Review & Giveaway

Winners have been selected and emailed.  Thank you for participating.
I am a Purex Insider.  I received a bottle of Purex Complete with Zout to sample and review.

Purex Complete with Zout

A Powerful Detergent and Stain-Fighting Pretreater in One.

Purex® Complete with Zout® combines the proven performance of Purex detergent with the triple-enzyme stain-fighting power of Zout® pretreater. This powerful combination works to get stains out the first time, even tough stains like grass, chocolate, and tomato sauce. Try it on your tough stains.
It comes in two scents:
  • Fresh Morning Burst
  • Free & Clear
I got the fresh morning burst scent.  I have been using this detergent for the last month or so.  I used the detergent on everything and it really keeps our clothes looking nice and smelling great.  I am still using the crystals in the laundry with this new detergent.  I really love how great my clothes are smelling these days. Using the Purex Complete with Zout on all of our dogs bedding has really got those blankets clean.  They were stained and really smelly, but not anymore.

I have 2 coupons to mail to two people.  One coupon per winner.  All you have to do to win is tell me what stains you want to try this on.

Put your email in the comment if your email is not visible in your blogger profile.

This giveaway will end on 5/17/11 at 7:00 PM EST.

I will use to select the winner and email the winners for their mailing information.


Ashley said...

I'd like to try this on grass stains.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

BethElderton said...

My toughest--tomato sauces/soup stains
bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

Mel said...

I'd like to try this on chili/beans stains.
meltheplux at gmail dot com

callbr549 said...

I would like to try this on grease and blood stains. I have the hardest time getting these out.


katychick said...

i want to try this on spagetti sauce stains
tcogbill at live dot com

Kristen said...

I'd like to try this on grease stains.

kristen702 at yahoo dot com