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The GoodOnYa Bar Review & Giveaway

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About GoodOnYa

“Every question you will ever have, the answer you will find in nature.”
- Bryce Courtney, The power of one
Nature is the best example of balance. I find that we get so out of balance in our lives and create our own suffering. Friends, love, diet, exercise, you…. Life…. They all need balance. A friend of mine ate so many carrots in high school that the palms of her hands turned orange! Balance.
I founded this company in 2001 after a playing field hockey for the US National Team for 11 years. As an Olympic athlete healthy food was obviously a big part of my life. When I retired I was ready to be in control of my own life. I started with just one store, and with the help and support of many people along the way have ended up with 3 locations.
The GoodOnYa bar is a natural extension of the deli. Our customers are always looking for something quick to grab. We bought a variety of bars over the years, but we found ourselves bored and at times shocked at the nutritional content. As an athlete I have lived on bars!  In places like Cuba and Korea finding a nice pre-game pasta meal wasn’t always easy. I developed a passion for finding, and eventually making, healthy food taste great.
Our entire deli menu is selected with the health of our customers in mind. We are constantly looking for better, healthier, unprocessed alternatives. Our bread and tortillas are Organic, our meat is minimally processed and totally natural. We even use hormone free milk and Organic and/or Fair Trade Coffee. We care about what we eat and we care about you.
This nutrition bar is unlike any other on the market. Our motto is “Every Ingredient Matters” because every single thing that goes into each organic nutrition bar has a nutritional purpose. There are no fillers. Other companies bulk up their bars with things like puffed brown rice. Sounds healthy, and it’s not that it’s bad for you, it’s just nothing. It’s air. It’s a filler. Our bar weighs 57g, and when you see one you will notice the size. There are bars out there that are 3x as big and weigh 40g.
It is a protein bar, a fiber bar, a snack bar, an energy bar, a nutrition bar. It’s food! Our Breakfas Bar has 24% of the fiber you need in a day and 7.6g of bio-available protein in only 2oz’s. It tastes so good someone told us when we were starting out we could market it as a healthy chocolate chip cookie. And if you are reading this you probably already know how delicious it is. But we want you to feel good about what you are eating and who you are supporting. We will never cut corners. Our goal is education. Health. Our goal is nutrition.
“Every Ingredient Matters”… you matter.
Kris Fillat
Founder of GoodOnYa

I received a sample pack of three bars to try.  The first one I tried was the breakfast bar.  This is really great for breakfast.  I did not get hungry until lunch time after eating the breakfast bar. I love that it's high in fiber and protein.

Breakfast Bar

Non GMO | No Soy | No Dairy | 76% Raw | High Fiber | High Iron | Gluten Free

In a word, amazing! The ingredients in this bar are so unique, and the nutritional profile so wonderful that we have to boast just a bit. We didn’t set out to make a high fiber bar. We simply combined healthy superfoods that tasted great together. When we got the nutritional analysis back we were shocked. 28% of the daily recommended allowance of fiber in just one bar. Now we don’t subscribe totally to the USDA food pyramid but we do know that unprocessed, live, organic foods are what we should be eating, so that’s what we are about! You can buy Fruit Loops with added fiber! Yeah, right! And don’t be afraid of the fat. Read the Fat vs. Sugar document, you will be happily surprised to know you don’t have to skimp on your favorite foods! Obviously what we are doing in this country isn’t working. It’s time to rethink things! We have done that with our bars.


Nutritional Information

The next one I tried was the peanut butter dark chocolate, it was amazing!  This is my favorite of the three.  10g of protein is great for feeling full longer.

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

Non GMO | No Soy | No Dairy | 55% Raw | Good Fiber | Good Iron | Gluten Free

Well, seriously. It’s peanut butter, it’s chocolate, it’s kind of a no brainer! However there are ways to make this classic combination right! Start with the best peanut butter in the world (see above), 70% dark chocolate, raw honey and now you are talking about a healthy version of what I dreamed of getting at every house on Halloween! Cold milled flax, sesame, vanilla…..we are not kidding around here, we care about what we are doing, and we care about you!


Nutritional Information

The last one I had was the peanut butter honey.  I really enjoyed this one as well.  I loved all three bars and I love that they are good on me!

Peanut Butter Honey

Non GMO | No Soy | No Dairy | 60% Raw | Good Fiber | Good Iron | Gluten Free

The best peanut butter in the world comes from New Mexico. Valencia peanuts are smaller, sweeter and they grow in a very dry climate. This means that the mold, aflatoxin that is an allergy and carcinogen, isn’t present in our peanut butter. We love peanut butter and we know you love it, so we searched out the best! Combine that with raw, organic honey, flax and sesame and you are in for one protein packed, tasty treat. It’s time to love peanuts again, in fact it’s all about love!


Nutritional Information

The GoodOnYa Bar is an amazing product. They sent me the three bars to review and they are offering a giveaway of the same sample pack to one of my readers.


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