Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Low Carb Vegan Recipe Ideas

I have decided to try being a low carb vegan.  It is not easy to figure out what to eat when you try to cut out the carbs.  I want to have whole foods that aren't processed.  I am constantly searching for ideas to try.  Right now my diet consists of nuts, veggies, berries and some beans.  I also use the nutritional yeast so I can get my B-12.  I just sprinkle it on my salads.  I am eating a lot of kale, spinach, okra, brussels sprouts.  They really are good and I find that having cut back on the carbs means I am not hungry all the time like I was before.  After trying to limit calories for years and still being about 20 pounds overweight I finally came to the conclusion that I should try another approach.    High fat, low carb really has me feeling satisfied and not hungry.